Heritage Exports is one of the leading manufacturers of Orissan Handicrafts. Our specialization in colossal sculptures, rich carving and graceful posses of Hindu god goddess, lord Buddha , lord Jesus., mother mary, prophet Mohammad, devdasis, animals, stone furniture, interior and exterior decorative items, fixtures and fittings.

Our craftsmanship is of high standard on all kinds of stones such as, Black Granite (Muguni), Sand Stone (Shana), Serpentine (Kendumunti) and Kanda like soft stones. “Heritage” also deals with all kinds of Wooden Handicrafts, Tarkasi or Filigree, Ornamental items and other gift items.

The history of Orissa dates back to antiquity, its historical name being UTKAL, a land of Art and Craft. Orissa is famous for its handicraft, sculpture, music, dance, and architecture of which the KONARK is an emblazoning monument. Art has incarnated to every sphere of life. From handicrafts to visual expressions, Orissan artist leaves their foot print and masterly touch everywhere. Art and life are inseparable twins, one can only witness in Orissa.

This picturesque state is the home of a number of colorful displays of the various incarnation of performing Art, be it through music or dance or depicted through carved expression on stones. The message of humanity, beauty, culture and heritage is transcended to a higher level through the exposition of stone- Art. A special char of Orissan stone carving is the blending of folk and classical forms. Each motif retains its vibrance and aesthetic appeal in a characteristic breezy melody.